World's Most Expensive Bouquet

Give your lady the Valentines gift she'll never forget. So you intend to giver her the most awesome fresh bouquet of roses huh. Before you give her dozens of her favorite colored roses, why not check out this luxury tip inspired from the world's most expensive bouquet - a whopping 1 million Saudi Riyal bouquet.
world's most expensive bouquet made up of 1M Saudi Riyal
This bouquet is not made up of hard to find exotic flowers or accessorized with expensive stones, it's ultimately made of folded paper actually - just crisp bills of 500, 100 and 50 riyals all totaling to a mind blowing 1 Million Saudi Riyals ($266,667). This luxury gift will surely appeal to your material girl this Valentines Day.

It has been said that this bouquet was a wedding gift from a Saudi businessman. These Arabs sure knows how to speak grand. Above picture reminds me of the song "Paper Roses".

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  1. i like to receive this kind of bouquet hahaha!


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