The Unveiling of Azzam: World's Most Expensive Privately Owned Yacht

Owning the new title not only as the World's Most Expensive Privately Owned Yacht, but also the world's largest, this massive ship equals the size of 2 football fields. Known as The Azzam, this $609 million luxury private ship which took 3 years to construct, launched last April 2013. At an impressive length of 590ft (180 meter), the Azzam is now the largest yacht in the world leaving behind Roman Abramovich's Eclipse.

The Azzam (photo by Klaus Jordan)

The world-class team responsible for making this dream ship come true was headed by Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi working alongside L├╝rssen (one of the world’s notable shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack) engineers, technical project managers from Burgess, interior designer Christophe Leoni and the the exterior designed by Nauta Yachts.

Nauta CEO Mario Pedol stated: "When I first saw the scale model before the general presentation to the Principal, I was 100 % happy with the outcome and so was the Principal. Such recognition made me confident that we had achieved our goal". 

The anonymous billionaire client whom reports speculate to be a member of the Saudi Royal Family wanted to build a large luxury yacht with an innovative and timeless design that would be able to travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters, whilst providing luxurious and sophisticated accommodation to its guests.

On Video: The first glimpse of Azzam's exterior


This super yacht is set to be delivered to its owner by end of 2013.

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