The Rich List According to Guinness

Here's an interesting rich list compiled by Guinness: World Records

  • US oil baron John D. Rockefeller was the richest person ever, with an estimated wealth of $900 million in 1913, equivalent to $189.6 billion today.
  • William H. Gates III (USA), Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, is the richest living person according to Forbes magazine, which estimated his wealth at $50.1 billion in March 2005.
  • According to Forbes, the richest woman is Liliane Bettencourt (France), heiress to the Loreal cosmetics fortune, who in 2005 had an estimated net worth of $16 billion.
  • The richest monarch in the world, as of 2005, is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, with an estimated personal wealth of $20 billion.
  • The youngest non-inherited millionaire was the American child film actor Jackie Coogan (1914-1984). In 1923-24, he was earning $22,000 per week and retained approximately 60% of his film'a profits. He was a millionaire in his own right by the age of 13. 

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