Taj Mahal: World's Most Expensive Gift

Taj Mahal Palace

Long ago, an emperor of India built a great tomb in memory of his favorite wife. The tomb was so big and so hard to build that first he had to build a whole town for the twenty thousand men who built the the tomb. When the tomb of white marble and red sandstone was finished, twenty years later, it was one of the most striking man-made sights in the world, just as the emperor vowed it would be.

People who visit Agra, India, usually visit the tomb several times. They like to see its gleaming dome. It is especially beautiful in the light of the rising sun and in the light of the moon.

The emperor named the tomb the Taj Mahal for his wife, Mumtaz-i-Mahal. His wife's name means "pride of the palace," and a taj is a crown.

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  1. No doubt Taj mahal is best of all gifts, every one love it.


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