Antarctic Nail Ale: World's Most Expensive Beer

Naturally, beers are best drink ice cold but this particular beer to be introduced, is literally "ice cold".

The unique beer which was brewed at Edith Cowan University in Perth with actual Antarctic water could possibly be the purest, oldest water ever brewed to make a beer. The ice was collected from a large Antarctic iceberg by Nail owner - brewer John Stallwood's brother-in-law, Kevin McGinty, who is a member of Sea Shepherd's crew.

Recently tagged as the World's Most Expensive Beer, the first bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale was purchased by Elliot Syndicate for $800 during the Sea Shepherd auction at Fremantle, Western Australia. To top it off, Psychiatrist Dr Anthony Durrell (aka Dr Mood) of the "Mood School" purchaser of the bottle #2 got his for $1850. Only thirty bottles were produced.

The growing "beer addiction" for saving the whales has never been this short of amusing, knowing it's for a good cause. Proceeds went to the Sea Shepard, which fights to stop Japanese whaling ships killing whales in the Antarctic sanctuary.

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