Auctioning Elizabeth Taylor's Jewelry Possessions

A phone bidder signals her bid near an image of Elizabeth Taylor during an auction of the late actress' jewelry, clothing, art and memorabilia at Christie's Auction house in New York on December 13, 2011.

Fine art paintings, jewelries and other movie memorabilia owned by the late Elizabeth Taylor was sold at a series of auction held last December 2011 in New York city. The Hollywood legend's passion for art, style and diamonds has long dazzled the world that the recent auction, one of the greatest jewelry collections in the world, has raised more than what it's expected, .

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond also known as the Krupp diamond ring is a 33.19 karat precious stone given to her  by husband Richard Burton as a prize for winning in a ping pong match (who needs a gold medal here). Richard bought this ring in 1968 at an auction in Sotheby's for $305,000. The said jewelry which experts regarded as one of the most flawless diamonds in the world has been worn by Taylor almost daily for 40 years gift and has been sold to South Korean hotel conglomerate Eland World for 3x its estimated sale price, at a sparkling  $8,818,500.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

Also offered at the auction is the La Peregrina Pearl, a historical piece of 16th century style jewelry. This 50 karat rare gem pearl once belonged to Mary Tudor of England, Queens Margarita and Isabel and Bonaparte family before Taylor could get her hands on it. It has just been sold for $11,842,500. Burton, always the history fan, not only loves acquiring beautiful pieces of jewelry, but also those that have historical importance. 
La Peregrina Pearl
Elizabeth Taylor has greatly been showered with high priced gems from past lovers. Adding to the list of her jewelry collection are the Perelman bracelet, emerald and gold snake bracelet watch by Bvlgari, her gold and ivory necklace featuring ivory opera passes, Taj Mahal Diamond, the Mike Todd Tiara and more. To truly understand more about Elizabeth Taylor's devotion to jewelries, read the book she authored entitled "My Love Affair with Jewelry".

check out this video from the said auction:

Also included in the auction are 2 of her wedding gowns, her 38 paintings including Van Gogh's art works and Cleopatra costumes. Proceeds from the sale will go to Elizabeth Trust Fund Foundation

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