Dolce and Gabbana: World's Most Expensive Sunglasses

Fashion is damn expensive. Many trendsetters of today would never be satisfied by merely looking good, they also fancy to imitate their fave celebrities looking all glamed up and wearing those mind boggling accessories!

If you've got no problem with having excessive cash and want to sport a chic classy style even when you're just wearing your old jeans, then you may want to consider buying a big expensive sunglasses, just like how it's done in Hollywood. But if you dare want to buy the world's most expensive pair of sunglasses without other people's greedy eyes looking at you, simply say the product code DG2027B at a Dolce Gabbana store and you'll be getting this piece (pic below).
Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B
Let's get shady in style, the most luxurious way! This brown-tinted shades are framed in gold and appear to have the Dolce and Gabbana’s logo written on the arms—in diamonds, costing about $383,609. It's made of polarized lenses that are of a soft brown color. They have a gold rim, which is quite sexy and is wrapped in cases made of black leather with satin cloth to help prevent scratches. Yes, we don't want any tiny scratch on this expensive shades all right.

Sunglasses are certainly a great addition to you outfit. It not only protects your eyes from harmful rays of the sun but also gives you an edge, especially if you're wearing the world's most expensive pair of glasses.

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