Bidding For An Expensive Truffles

expensive white truffles - image from REUTERS | Tong Gentile
Truffles are best enjoyed when served over steaming buttered pasta, salad or fried eggs. Don't be confused, I am not talking about chocolate covered truffles. I'm referring to the mushroom kind of truffles that is visually unappealing and may not look like much, but white truffles like the one above are big business - in 2010, a pair of these white truffles sold for $330,000 at auction.

Businessman and Macau-based casino mogul Stanley Ho made the winning bid for the two truffles, which had a combined weight of around 1.3kg. Clearly a big fan of the giant tubers, Ho also paid out a similar amount for the largest white truffle for 2008 before for a single white truffle for $200,000.

Such truffles are by no means the only edible items that cost a small fortune. Definitely one of the priciest in the Food and Drink.

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