Introducing the World's Priciest iPad case

Stuart Hughes currently holds the world's most expensive iPad. Pair it up with the priciest iPad case gives you the most lavish iPad experience.

Exotic Leather Goods: David August, the Costa Mesa, California-based boutique luxury brand that creates custom wardrobes for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr. and various billionaire business tycoons, is introducing a new collection of exotic leather goods including the world’s most expensive iPad case. Crafted of the world’s finest alligator skin hand cut and stitched in Italy by a skilled family of artisans, the collection of five luxe pieces is available in both a glazed and matte finish in over 20 different colors. The entire collection is priced at $37,800 with each piece also available individually.

The five pieces include an iPad cover for $6,900, a soft laptop attaché case for $12,900, a Dopp kit for $7,800, a watch holder for $7,800, and a change tray for $2,400. All items are made strictly to order with a 2–4 week delivery time and several personal customizing options are available as well. While far from the most expensive item in the collection, the iPad case is nonetheless the world’s priciest cover for the trendy gadget, costing nearly 14 times as much as Apple’s basic 16GB model. It tops the previous holder of the world’s most expensive title, the $4,900 alligator skin version made by Italian luxury label Tod’s which we previewed last summer.

source: JustLuxe
You can check out David August's official website at

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