Oprah's audience gets a free 8 day trip to Australia

As Oprah's show nearing its end, the farewell season premier of Oprah made huge surprises to their fans by doing something big. The cheering audience got the surprise of their life as Oprah announces they will be travelling to Australia all expense paid along. With her spilling the good new is non other than celebrity pilot Mr. John Travolta. 

Update: How was the trip so far? Watch this!


  1. As many frequent flyers and businessmen started preferring Private Jets, usage of the commercial flights have been decreased, as many aviation companies are forced to stop many model of commercial flight services.

  2. I could only dream of actually owning a private jet, truly envious of Oprah. Although as I've been noticing recently, the industry has been becoming far more competitive, meaning prices are tending to become far more affordable to rent.

    The nature of my business has given me the luxury of working out an aircraft charter on occasion. This of course only happens when I'm tasked with entertaining some pretty important clients, but it's an amazing experience. You can't beat flying in a jet that's specifically for you and a handful of others! Of course this is nothing in comparison when your pilot is John Travolta haha.

  3. What a lucky group of audience they were! Flying first class with all expenses paid trip is really a big and pleasant surprise for the audience. Private jet is comfortable and cozy just like having a first class seat on commercial planes. It is surely a great moment to remember for the audience flying on Oprah’s private jet.

  4. It’s really great that through TV shows like Oprah, some people are given a chance to experience a once in a lifetime trip like this! It’s really fabulous. A private jet tour is indeed extraordinary! I’m sure that this lucky audience really had a wonderful experience!


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