London 2012 Olympic Medals: World's Most Expensive Olympic Medals

London 2012 Olympic Medals
Here's another great motivating factor to those joining this year's Olympics to bag those gold medals as the London 2012 Olympics boasts Most Expensive Olympic Medals. The largest ever haul used to make the Olympic Medals comes from 8 tons of gold, silver and copper unearthed from the mines of Mongolia and Utah and is now being guarded at the Tower of London alongside Britain's crown jewels til such time they'll be presented to the podium.

A gold medal weighs about 410 grams and contains only six grams of gold - the remainder being silver compound (92.5 percent) and copper. But due to the recent gold and silver booms that have seen prices double since the 2008 Games in Beijing ensure that the medals are the most expensive in Olympic history. Added to this, the dimensions of the London medals (85 millimetres in diameter and seven millimetres thick) make them the heaviest ever struck for the Summer Olympics.

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